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Are you looking for duvets and pillows for your hotel, and do you want to give your guests an unforgettable, comfortable hotel night? Then we have the solution: a fluffy, luxurious duvet that makes you feel embraced, loved, and secure.

We're getting into bed with Sweef!

We recently started a relationship with Sweef, with all that it entails.

What can you expect?

We share the fluffiest tricks with you. There are very few things that are so strongly associated with hotel stays as fluffy bedding. So let us take care of it and present a comprehensive solution. Happy Fluffy Cloud offers you dreamy bedding with a duvet and pillows the market has never seen before in terms of fluffiness. The pillow will even make the most alert fall asleep in no time.

Psst. If you wish to furnish the entire hotel room, Sweef offers several fantastic beds with matching headboards and bedspreads. How about a matching armchair or footstool to rest on? Or a sofa bed in the suite that fits perfectly when the whole family is traveling together. Happy Fluffy Cloud and Sweef together provide you with a convenient overall solution for the hotel room of your dreams. We definitely have the recipe for your best night.

Sweef x Your business?

"I want to continue being passionate, engaged in maintaining and working on world-class customer relationships."

We'd be happy to take on your hotel, restaurant, shop, or business space and create an interior makeover that leaves silly smiles on the lips of your visitors, customers, and guests. Let us dig in and show you the way! Email jeanette@sweef.se, and we'll get started!

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Sweef creates your dream project through:

  • Consultation and suggestions on furniture without intermediaries
  • Packaging of proposals using floor plans and 3D sketches
  • A tailored solution based on hundreds of color and fabric choices, with the possibility to match your graphic profile
  • Flexible shipping and payment solutions with leasing options

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