Natural weighted duvet for deeper sleep

Weighted blanket is a term that has been frequently used recently. In the past, lead-filled weighted blankets were prescribed to patients with nervous complaints at resorts. The weight against the body creates a sense of security and envelopment, which was believed to reduce stress and make it easier to relax. Many believe that weighted blankets stabilize the body and provide deep and undisturbed sleep. A Happy Fluffy Cloud blanket functions as a natural weighted blanket with a weight of approximately 3-8 kg. This can be compared to several premium brands on the market whose heaviest blanket weighs less than two kilograms.

Down is an outstanding insulation material that breathes naturally and keeps moisture away. Thanks to the ability of down to regulate both heat and cold, geese can wear the same attire year-round. A high-quality down blanket insulates and retains warmth on chilly frosty nights without losing that airy feeling.

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