About the fluffy duvets

Our dreamy background

Behind the Stockholm-based Happy Fluffy Cloud is a trio of daydreamers. Somewhere in the midst of the puzzle of life, the shared dream of a good night's sleep was born. A feeling of succes at bedtime. But how?
After a period of searching, sleeping, and sorting out administrative details, it happened. The traditional, luxurious duvets without tight channel seams that you could only sleep under during your winter holiday at an Alpine cabin, could now move right into your bedroom. Down-filled Happy Fluffy Cloud duvets were no longer just a daydream.

Production & manufacturing

European manufacturing
Our Happy Fluffy Cloud bolsters are sewn in a small, family-owned factory in Italy. Many of the machines that started factory production in the 1960s are still in place.
The factory is one of the few in Europe that still handles the entire manufacturing process - from purchasing unsorted down to finished duvets packed and labeled with our pink clouds. For us, it provides the opportunity to have full transparency in how our duvets are made, which is reassuring.
Our bolsters specifically require a filling technique where a kind of "reverse vacuum cleaner" injects down and feathers to fill our bolsters to their fullness. They think our down bolsters are absolutely bananas - but fun.

Fluffy feather filling
We never hold back. With more down filling than other duvets on the market, Happy Fluffy Cloud maximizes the down filling to achieve the feeling of being held in a warm embrace. The result of the well-filled duvet is a perfect balance between weight and airiness. This level of comfort provides a new level of relaxation, security - and, therefore, a better sleep! The recipe for a perfectly balanced fluff blend is 50% goose down and 50% goose feathers. The tension in each feather keeps the duvet extra large and airy, creating an unparalleled fluffiness that doesn't give in.

Premium quality goose down
Goose down is often chosen for its warmth, softness, elasticity, and insulating properties. The down acts as a thermostat, regulating heat and moisture. A high-quality Happy Fluffy Cloud duvet retains warmth on really cold nights without becoming too hot during spring and autumn.

European food birds
Animal welfare is super important to us, and European legislation regarding animal husbandry is strict. Production is carefully regulated with traceable farms and suppliers. Using only feathers and down from food birds means the whole bird is utilized, which is a good way to conserve resources.

Happy Fluffy Cloud loves to see you sleep

So, what does all this wonderfulness result in? Well - magnificent, fluffy, luxurious, airy, and durable duvets that have your best interests at heart. Double size duvets that are delightfully fluffy. Single duvets that makes you feel loved and secure. Duvets that promise you a carefree, dreamy, deep sleep. Friendly warmth, reassuring weight, and an eye-catching design, all without channel seams, allowing the down to move freely inside your duvet and move as much as you do. There is your recipe for the best night's sleep. Good night to you, sleepyhead!


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