Hello, interior designer!

Here at Sweef, we feel confident about one thing - together, we could create magic.

We're getting into bed with Sweef!

We recently started a relationship with Sweef, with all that it entails.

"Together, we could create magic."

Currently, we collaborate with several interior designers and suppliers for colleagues in the industry, and wouldn't it be great if you joined the family?

Since day one, our goal has been to create Sweden's most comfortable sofas, and if we may say so ourselves, we've succeeded!

Our unique models can be customized with a variety of fabric and color options to create exactly the ambiance you're looking for. Also, take a look around at our armchairs, rugs, ottomans, and coffee tables, each offering a hefty dose of personality.

How does it work?

We offer retroactive discounts.
This means no discount on the first purchase, but retroactive discount starting from the second purchase. The discount rate is then set at 10% per order. The discount does not apply to shipping/additional services.

The invoice needs to be fully paid well in advance
if you, as an interior designer, choose to place the order on invoice from us instead of via Klarna.

All orders should be registered under the same customer card, with the same billing address.
However, delivery addresses can vary, due to your end customer details. This is to easily track orders.

Press Loans

As press, you are warmly welcome to borrow products for various interior features or styling assignments.
In case of mutual interest, the products will be sent to your specified address within 3 days, provided that the product is in stock. You can borrow the products for up to a week.

"Sweef x Interior Designers?"

“Jag vill fortsätta vara passionerad, engagerad i att bibehålla och jobba med kundrelationer i världsklass..”

Jeanette - Inredningsproffs

You can use this link in your email client or website to directly open a new email addressed to Jeanette.

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