Five Tips

Down is a natural material with unique properties. If you take care of your Happy Fluffy Cloud properly, it's an almost indestructible investment. The same applies to all high-quality down products: jackets, pillows, slippers. Follow our advice below, and your fluffy down comforter will keep you warm through many nights!

1. Shake. The air trapped in down products creates warmth. Giving your bedding a good shake allows each down and feather to straighten and not get tangled. This creates space for more air and fluffiness. Even out and distribute the down as you like. Take the opportunity to give the comforter a thorough shake when changing beddings – simple daily exercise for maximum fluffiness at bedtime!

2. Air. Hang out comforters, blankets, and pillows. Apart from the wonderful smell of fresh air, you'll get rid of dust and other particles. Regularly shaking and airing your down comforter keeps it clean and fresh for a long time without washing.

3. Wash. Only if necessary. A Happy Fluffy Cloud can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius. Choose detergent carefully; strong cleaning agents can impair the comforter's natural properties. Do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry the comforter until completely dry (it might take longer than you think). Add a few tennis balls to the dryer to fluff up the down.

4. Leave unmade. For a short while in the morning. For the mattress's sake! Feel free to leave the bed unmade with the comforter folded while you get ready in the morning. This allows warmth and moisture to escape from the bed. (This actually applies especially if you have a synthetic comforter that doesn't let moisture through in the same phenomenal way natural materials do... but still.)

5. Store. Keep the comforter dry and preferably in a fabric bag. Air (or wash if necessary) the comforter before stowing it away for the season. Make sure it's completely dry, fold it up, and see you again in the fall.

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