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What IS a fluffcomforter?

Down comforter. Duvet. Quilt. Beloved child has many names and surely even more descriptions. Happy Fluffy Cloud is our vision of a classic down comforter with the best possible natural properties for good sleep. The comforter lacks channel seams. It's thus a "sack" with just the perfect amount of filling that doesn't shift around. Therefore, the comforter weighs 4.8 kilos... and that's also part of the experience! A down comforter is airy and heavy at the same time.

Is it very warm under the fluff comforter?

Down possesses fantastic heat properties. It warms, insulates, and ventilates, which means that a thick down comforter works like a kind of thermostat. A comforter from Happy Fluffy Cloud is filled with carefully selected goose down and feathers, which contain less fat than, for example, duck down. Therefore, moisture is transported away quickly and efficiently. Additionally, you can distribute the down as you want it: more at the feet or thick and warm on top. Shake, distribute, smooth out. Done!

So yes, it's guaranteed to be warm under the fluff comforter, but very rarely sweaty.

What size duvet cover fits?

A Happy Fluffy Cloud duvet measures 150×210 or 240x220cm. It fits most standard duvet covers. Actually! A few extra centimeters here or there really doesn't matter. The blanket fluffs up and fills out, like rising dough. If your duvet cover is shorter than the blanket, buttons or ties to close the duvet cover come in handy

Where does the down come from?

The global market for down and other animal products is often a truly dirty business. Animals, people, and nature are exploited recklessly in favor of economic interests. Our comforters are produced in Europe and contain only down and feathers from Europe. Within the EU, some of the world's strictest regulations for the production of down and feathers have been established. For example, in Canada and Asia (the largest producers of fur, feathers, and down), the laws are more on the side of capital and less on the side of animals.

Our down comes from food poultry. Utilizing all parts is a way to reduce waste and work toward a more sustainable system, but also a way to lead the way for other markets. By not purchasing animal products from countries with weaker animal protection laws, we support legislation that promotes a healthier approach to animal handling. We believe this is the right path forward even from an economic perspective. In the future, we hope that all consumers and producers will choose this path.

Our down comes from farms within the EU that have agreed upon strict regulations. This was a prerequisite for us to be able to sleep well at night.

Does the down stay in place in the comforter?

Our down duvet lacks channel seams. This means that the down is free inside the comforter. In this way, each down and feather can be at its absolute best. With the right amount of filling, the down stays in place; it doesn't gather at the foot end. Our comforters weigh 4.8 kilos and have the size of 155 x 220 centimeters. We have agreed that for us, the right balance is achieved: the comforter is filled sufficiently for the down to stay in place, but it's not so densely packed that the comforter loses its softness and feels stiff. However, we should be honest and tell you that the comforter should be shaken when making the bed in the morning. A good shake – so that the down is redistributed, fluffed up, and ends up in its place – will restore the astonishing fluffiness to your bed.

Is this a weighted blanket?

The range of so-called weighted blankets is extensive. A weighted blanket in a medical sense can be prescribed by doctors for individuals with sleep difficulties, symptoms of stress, or significant anxiety. These blankets contain weights in the form of chains or weight bands, which correspond to about 10% of the patient's body weight. The idea that a heavy blanket calms the body so that the soul finds rest is an old one. In the past, heavy wool blankets were placed over those who were sick.

A comforter from Happy Fluffy Cloud weighs 4.8 kilos and is lofty and puffy. Therefore, you don't wrap yourself in a down comforter in the same way as in a blanket or a thinner comforter during the night. Sleeping under a down comforter is similar to sleeping under a weighted blanket. The comforter stays still on top, and the body moves less under the weight.

How do you wash a down comforter?

Our comforters can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius, which makes them suitable for allergy sufferers as well. By shaking and airing your comforter regularly, it stays fresh for a long time. When the comforter is shaken and aired, the down and feathers straighten out, regain their resilience, and regain the natural properties that make the down comforter so incredibly fluffy.

After washing, it's important to thoroughly dry the comforter in a dryer, preferably with tennis balls. This takes time, but it's crucial for the comforter to become completely dry; otherwise, the down can clump together, and the comforter may lose its fluffiness.

What is the fill power of the comforter?

Sometimes the term "fill power" is used as a measure of warmth or thickness in a comforter. Fill power is used then as another word for insulation ability. A comforter that contains down will, for example, always have better fill power than a comforter with only feathers or synthetic materials. The quality of the down, the blend with feathers, and the amount of down are factors that contribute to high fill power. However, how a comforter is experienced is individual, and it's not entirely certain that a comforter with the same fill power will be perceived the same way by two people. Additionally, different manufacturers and regions use different units to measure fill power, making the system difficult to oversee and interpret.

Some manufacturers choose not to specify any unit for fill power. At Happy Fluffy Cloud, we usually summarize it like this: We have developed a down comforter with high-quality goose down and feathers from carefully controlled farms within the EU. We believe that a healthy production is the foundation for good sleep. Our comforters contain more down than most comforters on the market, and the insulation ability is generally good. The comforter is warm and fluffy but is rarely perceived as damp due to its ability to effectively transport moisture away.

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